Why people believe in us

Our Vision

Make Transformational Learning accessible to all.

Our Mission

Inspire people through experiences.
Empower people with awareness, skills, connections & sense of purpose.
Engage people as change-makers at a personal, community and global level.

Core Values

Social Entrepreneurship

History of JUMP! Canada:

Program cancellations as result of the 2017 wildfires threatened the future of Educo Adventure School. Educo’s Board of Directors asked JUMP! to include Educo into their global network for programming. JUMP! was founded by a group of inspired Educo alumnus so the merger of Educo with JUMP! was the perfect fit!

As part of this process, Educo underwent a legal name change to JUMP! Canada Society. Although the name has changed the mission continues – to inspire youth through transformative wilderness experiences! We honour the Educo Legacy Community and welcome alumni with open arms to stop by the Educo site for a visit or join us at a work party!

Educo Site History:

We are grateful to live, learn, and teach on the traditional territories of the Secwepemc Nation.

Educo Adventure Scool was founded in 1969 as a nonprofit organization (later became a registered charity) focused on providing transformative experiences for people in the outdoors. Over the decades Educo grew to encompass a wide range of programming for youth from all walks of life, all based on building character, resilience and self confidence. Educo has a huge following of supporters that have been touched by the magic of the Educo site and the life changing experiences from ropes courses and outtrips to the powerful moments of personal reflection and growth from learning to turn an obstacle into an opportunity!

Challenge & Risk

We use outdoor adventure to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone! Challenging activities are debriefed by our trained facilitators allowing space for personal reflection on their experience. Through this process participants develop resiliency, courage and creative problem solving skills to help them navigate their personal life challenges. Safety and risk management is our top priority in all activities!

Climate Action and Sustainability

We focus on understanding and reflection on the relationship between our actions and the environmental issues and global climate crisis. We both create opportunities for participants to directly connect with nature and to learn about the need for sustainability as well as opportunities for conversation and discussion around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we, as individuals, can work towards climate action.

Indigenous Cultures and Perspectives

We recognize that we are on the Unceded Traditional Lands of the Secwepemc First Nations. When appropriate we incorporate aspects of Indigenous Culture and learning into our programs. We greatly appreciating the time and knowledge shared through the participation of local band members.


Teamwork is an important aspect for both staff and participants at JUMP!. Our staff act as examples to the participants of what effective teamwork looks like and why it is useful. Activities and programs are organized so the use of teamwork skills and working together to accomplish goals is required for the participants.

Personal Leadership

We aim to develop personal and group leadership skills in all of our participants. We do this by offering opportunities for participants to step into leadership roles throughout the program, as well as by focusing on the personal development of each individual, discussing what leadership means to them and considering their specific leadership styles.

Interpersonal Skills

The personal and social growth of each participant is an important aspect of the JUMP! experience. Through having the participants work together to solve problems, support each other, and reach goals, we aim to increase interpersonal development and skills within the participants.


We focus on teaching social, emotional, and life skills that complement each participant’s experience at JUMP!. The skills we teach reflect BC Education’s Core Competencies and easily transition to life back home and at school.

Experiential Learning

The wilderness location of JUMP! and our backcountry trips provide a platform for experiential learning or learning by “doing”. This includes learning hands-on skills through activities including mountain exploration, canoeing, low and high ropes, and team building initiatives.

Global Citizenship

Throughout JUMP! programs, we are focused on creating global citizens that are able to look at the whole picture and see how we and our actions are all connected at a global level. As a result participants will gain a better understanding of how their actions have an impact on those within other countries and cultures.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and capacities. We promote this inclusivity not only in who we accept to programs, but in how the programs are run and the values and behavior we expect from the other participants while on the program. We include specialized Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs within our course offerings.

Transformative Experiences

Transformative learning is at the heart of what JUMP! does. We want to transform the ways in which participants see themselves, the outdoors, and the global world as a whole. Through the activities and programs at JUMP!, participants are able to gain new experiences and insights that change the way they view their role in relation to others on a local and global scale and with their connection to the natural world.